More Podcasts to Come

Presently, I am involved in two ongoing podcasts: “Appropriate Indecency” – which I created as a comedy show with my brother -, and “Issues and Answers”; which is a political podcast I co-host with a great friend of mine through “Working Families First” to discuss the issues affecting the working class on a local, state, and national level.


In the coming months, expect at least two more podcasts. One focusing on professional wrestling (the details of which should be coming very soon), and another to help promote my “revolutionary activist” work; such as my book “The Pillars of Unitism”. The latter upcoming podcast will be a re-launch of a previous series which I have periodically revisited, called “The Inequality Chronicles”. I plan on reexamining the format for the show and tweaking it a bit to make it easier and more interesting for listeners.


I do have one more possible podcast in mind, but it is nowhere near settled in my mind whether I want to do it or not, and that podcast would be a more family-oriented show in which I would co-host with my kids. It all depends on whether they want to do it or not and if I can figure out a way to keep it fresh and consistently entertaining.


Stay tuned for more details on all future projects.

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