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To Premiere with the First Installment of Motivation in the Autumn of 2020!!

Shows: (See latest updates as shared through the Activity Stream)

  • Flagship bi-weekly broadcast: PCW Live!
  • Season-Premiere (Week of Autumn Equinox): Motivation
  • Season-Finale (Week of Summer Solstice): Oblivion


  • Premier Championship Wrestling Champion
  • – Special Rules: At Motivation, Oblivion, or at the end of the month, title is defended in a best of three falls match.
  • Immunity Championship
  • – Special Rules: Champion is immune to any and all penalties.
  • Tag Team Championship
  • – Special Rules: Challengers must eliminate both champions, but only one of the challengers need to be defeated.
  • Women’s Championship
  • Ladies Championship
  • Women’s Tag Team Championship

Match Types:

  • Total Anarchy Match
  • – Stipulations: 7 matches in one (Cell, Barbwire, First Blood, Cripple, Iron Man, Fatal Four, and Falls Count Anywhere), where the match has an hour long time limit with the superstar having the most falls is declared the winner. Pinfalls and submissions count for one fall, first blood counts for two falls, and an injury counts for five falls awarded to the superstar responsible.
  • Concussion Match
  • – Stipulations: To win the match, the victor must use a shot to the head of the opponent preceding a pinfall.
  • Aerial Assault Match
  • – Stipulations: A ring-length 15 foot ladder erected alongside a single side of the ring is designed to enable each competitor to use it as the finishing pinfall or submission must somehow employ said ladder.
  • Brick House Brawl
  • – Stipulations: Match – won by pinfall or submission – transpires inside a four foot tall, four sided, roofless brick structure made of brick walls where the only way to enter is by a ladder which is removed when all competitors are inside.
  • Crimson Car Match
  • – Stipulations: Match transpires amidst a chaotic scene of mobile weapons; particularly cars and can only end by a pinfall or submission.
  • Massacre Six Match
  • – Stipulations: With six competitors, the bout is won when one competitor is left standing after the others are eliminated by pinfall, submission, or by standard battle royal rules.
  • Finisher to Finish Match
  • – Stipulations: Victory is achieved only when a superstar successfully connects their knock out finishing move.
  • Crucifixion Match
  • – Stipulations: In order to win, a competitor must first be pinned and then hoisted up on a crucifix and lifted at least a foot in the air by the suspender cables.
  • Cripple Match
  • – Stipulations: Only way to win is to injure your opponent in some way. Medic is standing by to determine whether there has been an injury.
  • Extreme Battle Royal
  • – Stipulations: Multiple competitors, where elimination occurs by standard battle royal rules, pinfall, submission, crippling, or laceration.

Roster (Plus Short Biographies):


  • Chairman: Mickey Marcus Moss J.R.
  1. Avatar: Coming Soon
  2. Birth date: January 1, 1970
  3. Back story: Having inherited his father’s company – Mmoss Enterprises – at the age of 23, Mickey initially attempted to sell it to Chinese investors for a pure profit. However, when the prospective buyer offered a cap of half a billion dollars for a corporate entity which encompassed numerous forms of media, Mickey scoffed and opted to maintain control instead. For ten years, he used underhanded tactics with monopolistic tendencies to both grow his personal wealth and to destroy all competitors in his home state of Tennessee. As they came of age, Mickey employed his three younger brothers in various positions, with favoritism towards Leonard (Lenny) and Vinnie. Regarding the youngest brother, Benjamin, Mickey kept his distance but put him to work only because their father’s will required that all four Moss brothers have some role in the company. On a business trip to Canada, Mickey met his wife Jane Monroe. Mickey also – in his early twenties – fathered his only known offspring: Catherine, who came forward as his daughter when she turned 18, revealing to him that she was his daughter through a brief fling he had experienced in New York City when he was 24. Mickey only accepted her after forcing her to prove his paternity and making her pay all the expenses. Mickey would get into the business of running a wrestling promotion only after he realized that one of the small entertainment companies he purchased happened to own one based in Memphis.
  • President: Leonard Nimoy Moss
  1. Avatar: Coming Soon
  2. Birth date: April 5, 1972
  3. Back story: The third eldest of Mickey Moss Sr.’s four sons, Mickey Jr, offered Leonard – or Lenny, as he prefers to be called – a job first as a secretary to himself when their father first passed away. However, as Lenny progressed in his business studies and after Mickey Jr. failed to secure a deal to sell the family business, the oldest brother approached him one day about being an effective partner in making this company “bigger and better than Mickey Senior could have ever imagined”. At first, Lenny refused, having aspirations of his own, but Mickey convinced him that he couldn’t make their father’s life work continue alone. So, begrudgingly, Lenny came around to see things his big brother’s way and signed on.
  • Executive Vice-President: Vince “Vinnie” Frederick Moss
  1. Avatar: Coming Soon
  2. Birth date: December 31, 1970
  3. Back story: The second eldest of Mickey Sr.’s sons, Vinnie would seem like an obvious choice to be next in line to take the reins after Mickey Jr. stepped down, but Vinnie unfortunately has a history of instability. Throughout his teenage years Vinnie developed a reputation for sudden violent outbursts both at home and in high school. In addition, he lacks the capacity to censor himself when he is angry. Over time Vinnie managed to earn the trust of his older brother by demonstrating that he was willing and able to get some help. Although Mickey considered it to be a major risk, he and the board of directors decided it would be alright to try Vinnie out as the EVP on a probationary basis.
  • Chief Executive Officer: Benjamin Wade Moss
  1. Avatar: Coming Soon
  2. Birth date: July 9, 1975
  3. Back story: Although he was Mickey Sr.’s youngest son, Benjamin – or “Benny” – was probably the brightest and most promising of the four boys. He always followed his father around, attended business meetings with him, even helped take important notes and keep track of the books. By the time he was a teenager, he was fully educated in all the inner workings of the business realm. The elder three eventually became jealous as to the apparent favoritism displayed by their father towards the “runt”; with Mickey Jr. expressing the most resentment. When he passed away, Mickey Sr.’s estate was expected to be evenly divided up among the four boys with Mickey Jr. taking the company’s reins, the two middle brothers assuming advisory roles, and Benny placed in an apprenticeship under his oldest brother to one day take over the company. However, the living will of Mickey Sr. was incomplete when the lawyers prepared it for a formal reading before the surviving children of the deceased, with the details of the estate and the afore-referenced specifications as to the roles of his sons in the company being notably absent…that is, except for the part where Mickey Jr. was designated as the new Chairman of the Board alongside a seemingly vague demand that his three brothers be employed with the company. When Mickey Jr. failed to sell the business he forced his three brothers to demonstrate their worth to the company, starting them as low-level employees, with Benny initially assuming the position as an assistant manager of one subdivision’s janitorial services. Over a short period of time Benny outperformed Lenny and Vinnie in proving himself as someone worthy of leading the company by asserting himself whenever he could and by showing just how overqualified he was to be so low on the corporate ladder. Eventually the board of directors unanimously voted to overrule Mickey by promoting Benny swiftly – month by month for almost a year – until he was finally deemed worthy to serve as the new Chief Executive Officer of Mmoss Enterprises.
  • Secretary of Employment and Booking: Catherine Louise Moss
  1. Avatar: Coming Soon
  2. Birth date: April 1, 1995
  3. Back story: Daughter of Mickey Jr., Catherine took an early interest in the world of business as a teenager. Living with her mother at the time – who was a hair stylist -, Catherine had long yearned to know what her father did for a living. One day, when Catherine was 14, Josephine Cates – her mother – revealed the identity of Catherine’s estranged father, including his profession. Catherine immediately began to take an interest in Mickey’s work and informed her mother that she wanted to take night classes for business before she was even halfway finished with high school. By the time she was graduated from high school she also had an associate’s degree in business, but that was just the beginning. Once Catherine received accolades from her community for having emerged as a rising star in business, she made a special request to have an audience with Mickey. Unaware of who Catherine was beyond some promising young woman with a brilliant mind, Mickey agreed with enthusiasm and planned on hiring her as soon as the interview was finished. Then, when they came together, she made what seemed like an odd request at the time: to be alone with him for a second. When they finally were, she unveiled a host of documents that she had with her which purportedly demonstrated that he was her father. Mickey, once excited to meet her, suddenly shifted gears to intense anger and suspected a scheme to try and extract money out of him. He initially ordered her to leave his office at once, but she then threw a photo of her mother from the timeframe in which Josephine and Mickey had slept together. He paused, rescinded his order, but then insisted on a paternity test. After two more years of legal delays rife with obstacles created by Mickey, it was finally affirmed – and accepted by all parties – that Catherine was Mickey’s daughter. By this point she had secured a Bachelor’s in business management and was already looking at a handful of job offers. Seeing her determination to succeed and recognizing that she could prove to be an asset both to his company and to his pride, Mickey offered Catherine a position as Human Resources Secretary, which was later converted into its current role with the added duties of booking the talent.
  • Athlete Treatment Supervisor: Shane Murphy
  1. Avatar: Coming Soon
  2. Back story: Shane was best friends with Vinnie Moss. The two had met in high school and while Vinnie went on to join the company, Shane worked in a few odd jobs until one such job elevated him to the position of supervisor. There he worked and established a reputation of fairness towards his subordinates, even bordering on advocacy for their treatment. Seeing this and trusting him for so many years, Vinnie recommended him to the board of directors when they pondered creating a position which would exist to basically shelter employers from what they often saw as Mickey’s blind vendetta’s. They promptly hired him – over Mickey’s objections, of course – after an interview affirmed all the praises which Vinnie had so passionately offered.


  • Ring Announcer: Frank Dutch
  1. Avatar: Coming Soon
  2. Back story: A simple man from Scranton, Frank has a tendency to speak in short and concise sentences. He often likes to wind up his remarks with a reminder that his last name is “Dutch”. Although it may seem surprising given his otherwise odd demeanor, Frank was the valedictorian of his graduating class and has three Masters Degrees which he earned simultaneously. His marital status is unknown, as he can’t stop talking in short utterances long enough to actually get around to mentioning it before the other participant in his conversations loses interest and moves on. He was hired by Mickey as an aside to Benny, who originally sought a position as ring announcer. In Mickey’s mindset, Benny’s voice was painful to endure, whereas Frank doesn’t waste anyone’s time.
  • Play-by-Play Announcer: Jeff Esiason
  1. Avatar: Coming Soon
  2. Back story: With a long family history in the sports world, Esiason had played high school football but was unable to pursue a professional career therein. So, he obtained a degree in sports journalism when he was 28 and initially made a name for himself calling minor league baseball. One day after he came home from calling what was among the greatest games in recent minor league history he received a surprise phone call from Mmoss Enterprises. Word had it that the Chairman of the Board had overheard the game on the radio and Mickey himself wanted to see him in a direct interview. Upon meeting Mr. Moss personally, Jeff was given an audition – with a sample play by play announcing segment -, and Mickey was floored with Jeff’s delivery. He was hired on the spot with the precondition that he unceremoniously quit his post as a broadcaster for the minor leagues and make a pitch for the PCW on his way out. The point was to create a controversy in the sports world so as to boost attention for the coming promotional premiere.
  • Color Commentator: Richard Dredd Venom
  1. Avatar: Coming Soon
  2. Back story: Ric Venom was a class clown all throughout high school. He enjoyed the thrill of making crowds laugh, especially at the expense of others. While he dabbled a bit in some sports, he never cared enough about athletics to devote more than a slim amount of time to it. Eventually, starting in his Junior year, Ric began to write in the school paper to offer a comical critique of the sports world. He carried this talent all throughout college and briefly into his professional career writing for a major sports magazine. About two years into his tenure at said magazine, Ric was approached by an official representing MMoss Enterprises about becoming a voice-commentator on professional wrestling. After an extended period of consideration, Ric signed the dotted line.
  • Interviewer #1: Lawrence Mason
  1. Avatar: Coming Soon
  2. Back story: An African American journalist and lawyer. Lawrence had pulled himself up by his bootstraps at an early age and largely paid his own way through college. Lawrence had originally practiced law and was quite the effective prosecutor in his hometown. It was after he had read a newspaper article critiquing his performance in the courtroom one day when he decided that he wanted to delve into the world of media. It took another four years of school, but the payoff was a promising career as an investigative journalist. Mason developed a reputation for pursuing a lead like a prosecutor tearing into a witness and working to convict a suspect. Mason came to work for Mickey when he was assigned to a report on the emerging Billionaire status of Mickey. In digging through the details and trying to learn more about Mr. Moss, Lawrence soon found himself interviewing Mickey himself. Mickey didn’t like being grilled for information, but he was thoroughly impressed with Mason’s determination to find the truth. So, he offered Mason a job and Mason happily accepted.
  • Interviewer #2: Anthony
  1. Back story: Anthony started out as a man of few words. In high school, he would do his school work and play in sports, but he never made a scene. In college, he occasionally led a group of students in book discussions, but still didn’t make a scene. Then, in his professional career as a stock broker, Anthony began to make a scene by calling people out on their “bullshit”. Eventually, his dramatic shift from being just another guy to being the center of attention started to ruffle a lot of feathers. When he told his boss to “eat my gigantic, black [you get the picture]” all because his boss suggested that he get a haircut, Anthony was promptly fired. So, from there, Anthony launched a web series based on him bitching about everything and telling everyone to “eat a dick” which went viral. Mickey saw one of these viral videos, arranged a meeting, endured some verbal abuse from Anthony, and then promptly hired him.
  • Senior Referee: Maxx McMahon
  1. Back story: Maxx was an official in college football. Having worked in his position for over a decade, he earned a tremendous amount of respect. The only problem was that he had a notorious short fuse and displayed a lack of tolerance for disobedience. He was often sanctioned for grabbing players by the uniform and practically manhandling them to set them right. One day, during a high-stakes game, the pressure was on both teams to perform at their best. So, the emotions ran high and some players got into a brawl, prompting flags to be thrown. In the midst of this chaos, Maxx stepped in to pull some opposing players apart and was accidentally caught in the jaw with an elbow. That’s when he ripped the offending player’s helmet off and punched him in the face. Maxx was suspended indefinitely for his actions, pending a psychological review. Mickey’s recruiters saw this game and quickly gave the man a call, offering him a position.
  • Referee #1: Petey
  1. Back story: With a background in boxing – both as a boxer and an official -, Petey developed a respectable reputation. Then, he started to lose his edge and made a series of disastrous calls which may or may not have changed the outcome of some major boxing bouts. He was in danger of being let go when he applied for a job working with Mickey. When Mickey heard that this troublesome official had taken an interest in working for him, he directed his scouts to reach out and negotiate a contract with Petey. The rest is history.
  • Referee #2: Ted Van Dam
  1. Back story: Ted was a bodybuilder-turned-bar bouncer when Mickey drunkenly stumbled into him one evening. Ted was in the process of escorting Mickey when the two began to hit it off. Mickey revealed that he was a billionaire and took an interest in learning Ted’s life story. Ted told Mickey about how he was an only child of a single, abusive father. He grew up getting bullied both at home and at school, so he decided he was going to bulk up to at least appear intimidating for self-defense purposes. Never married, Ted had also been through a tumultuous series of relationships, particularly when he was a body builder. Mickey loved what he heard, and asked if Ted would be interested in officiating in professional wrestling.
  • Editor: Rick “The Dick” Richards
  1. Back story: Rick has a deep voice. He has been told numerous times that his voice sounds like he has a frog in his throat and he is trying to dislodge it. Speaking from the bowels of his soul – as he likes to describe his speaking -, Rick Richards took on the nickname “The Dick” when he was giving interviews for his high school news segment. Classmates dubbed him this because it sounded like he was just being a “Dick”. Richards entered media following college and became a correspondent for a local affiliate. An Mmoss Enterprises representative was passing through the locality one week and happened to catch a segment wherein “The Dick” was interviewing a local politician. This person got a kick out of the interview, because it sounded like Rick was chiding the politician. He recorded the broadcast, forwarded to Mickey, and soon thereafter Mickey made an offer that Mr. Richards couldn’t refuse.

Male Superstars:

  • Dragonfly
    1. Finisher: Dragon Twist Driver [Attacker takes opponent to top rope, attempts a head scissors and uses the twisting momentum to piledrive the victim]
    2. Back story: A high flyer like no other, Dragonfly got his start in Mexican wrestling circuit. While he was born an American citizen and has no known blood relation to Mexican heritage, he opted to head south of the border to gain experience instead of doing rounds in the American independent circuit. After a couple years in Mexico, Dragonfly then transferred over to Japan for another three years. This combination of experience from two similar, yet different styles of wrestling primed Dragonfly to take the American circuit by storm. Within months of returning to the nation of his birth, Dragonfly established himself as an exceedingly dominant figure in aerial mastery. Yet, he was still unsatisfied. The man only spent a year in the States before electing to head up towards Canada where submissions specialists had made a home. Fast forward two years yet again, and Dragonfly became a talent that no aspiring promoter could resist the urge to sign.
  • Metal Head
    1. 1Acid Drop / 2 Metal Dog [1 – Attacker grabs opponent by wrapping their arm underneath the neck and then runs towards the ropes, propelling themselves off of them to secure a falling neck breaker / 2 – attacker dives at a bent over victim for a running bulldog]
    2. Back story: Metal Head was a punk rock-loving, skateboarder growing up. Over time he fell into wrestling, which was a passion of his as well during his formative years. In the independent circuit, Metal Head started out as a regular mid carder until one promoter gave him a shot at the so-called “world title” of their company. Once he had the gold, he made damn sure that he wouldn’t lose it. Becoming exceedingly popular with the crowds, Metal Head developed a relationship with the people in displaying both a supreme across the board skill set in the ring as well as a top-notch command of the microphone. By the time that Mmoss Enterprises purchased a wrestling company, Mickey had already planned on drafting Metal Head for his new venture.
  • Mithras Sunfire
    1. Moonkick [Attack dives off the top rope in a moonsault-style attack to perform a missile dropkick]
    2. Back story: Mithras was raised in a small Iranian village near the mountains. When he was 14 years old, he started wrestling and soon became an international sensation. He competed in matches in every region of the globe, mystifying the masses with his vast array of aerial skills. Mithras also developed an attitude of certainty about his greatness and people skills. Never at a loss for words, the man always feels the need to express his observations about the world and insists that he can read his audience better than a librarian can read a children’s book. With this approach to entertainment, it’s no surprise that Mmoss Enterprises scouts recruited him for the team.
  • Hans Gustav
    1. Finisher: Loose Neck-breaker
    2. Back story: Hans grew up in downtown Moscow. He was always big, reaching six foot at the age of 12 and seven foot by the time he turned 18. The man always projected an intimidating presence. Even so, he was also a compassionate person who loves poetry and tries persistently to win the hearts of women. While this never dissipated, his compassionate side was also exploited by many ill-guided people in his life. Hans was constantly manipulated and mistreated by his peers until one day he snapped and clear a room by applying a crippling loose neck-breaker to everyone in sight. This soon developed a reputation for Hans as a ruthless beast who appears stable at one moment only to unleash hell if he was crossed. He carried this reputation into a Russian Mixed Martial Arts league, and wound up becoming heavyweight champion. This is where Mickey himself saw Hans as a potential draw and recruited him as soon as he could.
  • “The Best” Mike O’Malley
    1. Finisher: The Best Damn Finisher [Attacker lifts opponent for a suplex only to spin and drop the victim neck-first onto their knee]
    2. Back story: Mike always had a sense of bloated importance. Throughout elementary school he told his classmates that he was their king. In High School, he rose to the status of class president at one point and made his closest friends carry him on a float for all to see on a weekly basis. When he was getting ready to enter professional wrestling, the first promoter he met asked him what stage name he had in mind, to which Mike answered: “the only option I have is to call myself ‘The Best’.” From that point on, Mike has strived to show the world just why he considers his skills to be unmatched by anyone.
  • Robby Storm
    1. Finisher: Perfect Storm [Attacker charges after opponent, kneeing them in the back and then spinning into a leg drop across the victim’s neck as they are falling from the initial strike to the back]
    2. Back story: The son of a retired veteran star kickboxing champion named Victor Storm, Robby became famous when his father would make constant references to him throughout his career during interviews. Starting when he was a child, Victor would dedicate the bout to come to “Little Robby”, then to “Teenage Robby”, and when he retired, Robby finally made a public appearance alongside his ailing father. He had an opportunity to follow in Victor’s footsteps, but declined because he desired a professional wrestling career more. After a life spent being secluded from the public except as a constant prop used by his dad, Robby is finally prepared to make a name for himself.
  • Maniac
    1. Finisher: “Chokeslam” [A powerful chokeslam accompanied by the attacker verbally calling out the attack]
    2. Back story: Coming from a long line of crazy people, Maniac used to attack random clowns in circuses and parades. He always claimed that they were laughing at him, and when someone would explain to him that laughing was part of a clown’s job, he would accuse them of being in on the take. No one ever understood his hatred of clowns, and it persists even to this day. Yet another mystery is how he wound up in professional wrestling. He just sort of started wrestling one day and never stopped.
  • Krazy Kid
    1. Finisher: Powerbomb
    2. Back story: Krazy Kid was once a normal guy at just under 7 feet tall. Throughout his formative years he played various sports, took up an interest in mat wrestling, and entered professional wrestling through the Ohio Valley His initial stage name was the Big Kid, and this continued until one feud with a former coworker led to that person and Kid’s wife sleeping together. This twist and the real life affair drove him insane, leading him to end the career of the man who interfered with the marriage as well as scare the now ex-wife into hiding. His descent into insanity became a freefall which was so bad that he even once tested a black can of spray paint on his own face in an ill-guided attempt to psyche out an African American opponent by giving himself black face. Now, the man has a permanent black streak across his eyes since the paint seeped into his skin and is now irremovable short of a painful surgery.
  • F.R.E.D.
    1. Finisher: Plummet to Hell [Attacker places opponent across their shoulder, after ascending the ropes, and delivers a powerslam into a sidewalk slam]
    2. Back story: Throughout Maniac’s professional career he made references to someone named “Fred” after he would do something wrong or make a huge mistake. Everyone had always assumed that “Fred” was little more than Maniac’s imaginary friend. That was until Maniac one day revealed that his friend was real, which F.R.E.D. (an acronym for “Fear Real Evil Dead” which is meant to suggest that one should be afraid because their demise is certain) confirmed in a surprise appearance in front of the world wherein he laid waste to all of Maniacs adversaries.
  • The Guy
    1. Finisher: The Finisher [Attacker dives at opponent, grabbing for the throat, only to drive the back of their head into the mat]
    2. Back story: When he was 21, presumably celebrating his 21st birthday, this mysterious person was apparently in a serious accident – presumably a car accident, which is largely affirmed based on the marks that were on his body at the time -, and after 3 months in a post-accident coma, the then-designated “John Doe” awoke. The only problem was that he remembered nothing about himself, not even his name. All he could remember is that he was 21 years old. “John” then set out to discover who he was, but was unable to find out because he had never been arrested nor had he apparently had a dental record established. He also refused to call himself “John Doe” forever, because he didn’t like sounding “like a female deer”. He then went to court to change his name, and by the time he was standing before a judge, his case was widely-publicized and he was somewhat of a regional celebrity, so his hearing had a packed audience. The Judge asked him what he wanted his name to be, and before he could answer a random person walked into the courtroom, recognized “John” and exclaimed “hey, it’s the guy!” That’s when “John” grew excited, pointed to the room’s newcomer and responded with great enthusiasm: “THAT’S IT! I’M THE GUY!!” With the drop of a gavel and a signature applied to the paper, he officially became…The Guy.
  • Blaster Bladwick
    1. Finisher: Whiplash [Attacker dives after opponent, grabbing the back of their neck and slamming it into their shoulder as they slam to the mat in a sitting fashion]
    2. Back story: Hailing from the streets of Chicago, Blaster – whose real name has always been kept under wraps from the general public – learned to fight his way through the proverbial pecking order. Short at the height of 5 foot, Blaster has always had to look up at his rivals. He got his start in boxing and won a few welterweight championships along the way, but he eventually fell into wrestling and soon got recruited into Mickey’s company after gathering some interest in the ranks.
  • Krusader
    1. Finisher: Backkick [From a splits position, a leaping cartwheel kick to the face of the victim]
    2. Back story: The son of a wealthy family, Krusader spent his early life with his head deep in comic books. Then, like one of his favorite comics, tragedy struck his family when a man brutally killed both of his parents upon invading their house as Krusader hid in a crawl space. Unlike the story in the comic world, though, this assailant was caught and later executed for his crimes. Still, Krusader set out from that moment on to try and defend people from the horrors of life. Developing an impressive fighting skill over time, he fell into the wrestling business to try and help make a quick buck. It was never his intent to remain in professional wrestling, but he got so good at it and made so much money as a result that he just kept at it.
  • Masked Phenom
    1. Finisher: Elevated Shoulder-breaker
    2. Back story: Lurking in the shadows is a man without a conscience. Often times people fear walking through the darkness, but not the Masked Phenom.. This man wears a mask to conceal his identity as he frightens and amazes his opponents with mind games and brute force. No one knows his origins, except that he entered the business from the crowd one day, took every challenger, and unveiled his love for unleashing hell.
  • Uno
    1. Finisher: Adhesive Strip [Solo – From top rope, attacker faces the ring and opponent, leaps over the victim while grabbing the top of the victim’s head and falling to the mat / With partner – the same as solo, except that partner is holding the opponent and the two fall with the victim simultaneously, thus adding the effect of a spinebuster]
    2. Back story: Nobody knows the real identity of this particular superstar and his equally mysterious partner. The only thing that is clearly obvious is that they – two men calling themselves the “Duct Tape Men” and are attired accordingly – bill themselves as the anti-Phenoms and are inexplicably fascinated with anyone considered to be “phenomenal”.
  • Dos
    1. Finisher: Adhesive Strip*
    2. Back story: Dos is just as mysterious as his life-long tag partner, Uno. The taller and ostensibly stronger of the two, Dos does Uno’s dirty work for him, and wears matching attire.
  • The Aggressor
    1. Finisher: Aggressive Slam [An inverted lift-up spinebuster, with the attacker left standing throughout the maneuver’s delivery]
    2. Back story: Aggressor started out life jumping from one highly physical activity to another. He learned early on that he just liked to hurt people. First, he tried out mat wrestling, but kept getting penalties which forced him to drop out. Then, he got into football, but when his penchant for inflicting pain brought about more penalties the coaches were forced to release him. Nothing satisfied his need to hurt others, except when he jumped into the realm of professional wrestling.
  • Thunder
    1. Finisher: Thunder Clap [Attacker takes opponent to the top rope, hangs opponent upside down across their back, with the victim’s ankles held at the attacker’s shoulders, then the attacker flips to the mat using the victim as a cushion]
    2. Back story: Thunder mostly has a background in backyard wrestling. It was only when his cousin connected him with the independent circuit that he went pro. His brute style is a remnant of his origins in the sport.
  • Saguna
    1. Finisher: Super Spinning Heel Kick
    2. Back story: Born in South Africa and trained to fight in tribal circles for supposed death matches, Saguna came to the states as an international sensation. He could fly high and used a unique combination of martial arts and aerial skills.
  • Tiny
    1. Finisher: A-Bomb [An inverted piledriver into a leg drop]
    2. Back story: His father was a coal miner, his mother was a nurse, and without any giants in the family, no one knows how or why he is so tall. Ranked as among the tallest men on Earth, Tiny was ironically given his name when his parents saw how tall he was upon his birth.
  • Scarecrow
    1. Finisher: Black Rain [Attacker leaps up into a crucifix position wrapping their arms and legs around the arms of their opponent, and then uses the moment to flip the victim thus driving their head into the mat]
    2. Back story: When he was a young boy, he was taken into the woods and subjected to an odd ritual that he didn’t quite understand. Afterwards, he was raised to love pain – both receiving and giving – and to hate harmony. Once an innocent soul, the Scarecrow is now a devilish entity seeking to destroy and endure destruction until a limit can be reached.
  • Teo
    1. Finisher: Fall From Grace [Military Press into a spinning release of the victim]
    2. Back story: Teo was the cool guy in school, and a pro football player for a brief period of time before taking up a modeling career. As he was modeling, he was approached by a wrestling promoter about doing a part-time gig, which he agreed to, and his star quickly rose. With an ego as big as can be, Teo never acknowledges that anyone can even compare to his skills, much less his looks.
  • Attitude
    1. Finisher: The Adjustment [Attacker grabs their opponent by the back and performs a tilt-a-whirl into a modified neckbreak slamming the neck onto the attacker’s knee]
    2. Back story: This guy was always told what to do at a young age. The youngest of four, he resented the fact that he was endlessly ordered around by his elder siblings in addition to his parents. At school, it was no different, as a late bloomer the young man was a short one until his ninth grade growth spurt. Even then, in High School, everyone had gotten used to dictating to this guy. All of that came to an end when he decided that he wasn’t going to take anymore. Overnight, he transitioned from being a silent order-taker to being the self-proclaimed “Mr. Attitude”. From that point on, he stood his ground, pushed back, and made a name for himself. The moniker quickly spread in his community and made him rather popular. It followed him everywhere he went, especially as he embarked upon a career in sports entertainment.
  • Ladies Man
    1. Finisher: Love Machine [Electric Chair position, but the attacker plops down to the mat on their own butt from the corner ropes, thusly causing severe strain on the victim’s groin]
    2. Back story: Lemmy Melvin was a calm fellow. He had a lot of trouble on the dating scene because he was just too kind. Then, one day, after spending his high school and early college years struggling to get one girlfriend for more than a handful of dates, Lemmy had an epiphany: it was time to unleash the “Ladies Man”. With his hyper-confident alterego, Lemmy started to see a change in how women responded to him. His shyness soon disappeared forever, and so did his original identity.
  • Jesse Hash
    1. Finisher: 420 Splash [450 Splash]
    2. Back story: Jesse comes from Colorado, but before marijuana was legalized there, he had been arrested for possession of the “drug” at the age of 16. From that point on, his reputation at school and elsewhere was forever tainted as being a “pothead”. Instead of running away from that and looking to reform himself – as all his mentors were advising -, Jesse embraced his new image. After entering the wrestling ring at the age of 18, this “pothead” shocked all spectators by displaying a high-speed and high-flying moveset. In fact, Hash now laughingly refers to himself as “Mr. Sky-High”.
  • The Business Man
    1. Finisher: The Layoff [Attacker surprises opponent by swiftly performs a half-assed snapmare suplex into a face-plant]
    2. Back story: Harry Puddphucker is a business master and has been since he was still in high school. Raised in a family business, Harry was given experience running the company from time to time throughout school. Then, at 14, he launched a start-up of his own, beginning with selling a product to fellow students, then their parents, and then the community as a whole. He was the brains of the bunch in his graduating class, and pursued a master’s degree with ease. How did he become a wrestler? He always had a knack for sports and was a lifelong fan of wrestling itself. Originally, he wanted to be a promoter, but he couldn’t get the respect of his talent until he agreed to throw down in the ring. When he did so, and defeated his first opponent, the shock filled the arena. From there, Harry became “The Business Man” as kind of a mockery of how people mocked his business acumen as being insufficient for fighting skills.
  • Ted Brown
    1. Finisher: Optical Illusion [Military Press, spin into a chokeslam]
    2. Back story: Ted was a co-owner and primary talent of his brother’s wrestling promotion formerly headquartered in Columbus, Ohio (called Columbus Hardcore Wrestling). When Mickey began the process of buying smaller wrestling companies to pave the way for his own promotion, the Browns were forced to sell. The circumstances behind the “why” have since remained unclear, but Ted has never forgotten what he perceives to be a great betrayal.
  • Elroy Crash
    1. Finisher: The Wreck [Attacker sits opponent on top rope, stands on the bottom ropes, wraps one arm around the neck with attacker’s should touching the opponent’s throat and wraps the other arm around the opposing leg, and then falls backwards driving the victim’s head into the mat]
    2. Back story: Elroy is a reckless, self-abusing, showman. He has always enjoyed the attention that hurting himself gets. Starting out as a child who would intentionally run into walls for laughs and progressively experimenting with riskier stunts throughout his life, Elroy has amassed many scars throughout his life.
  • Massacre
    1. Finisher: Massacre Slam [Gutwrench, with the loose arm wrapped through the legs for leverage, into a devastating DDT]
    2. Back story: Mr. Massacre developed his reputation in the Connecticut He had a knack for angering stables…intentionally. He would pick a fight with the leader and then lure the rest into a brawl. From the moment he debuted he always pledged that his stage name was accurate, but no one believed him until one of his feuds with a powerful stable led to a handicap match wherein he obliterated each of his opponents.
  • Arabian Knight
    1. Finisher: Arabian Sunrise [Attacker has opponent on the top rope in a belly-to-belly hold, and performs a shooting star press while maintaining the hold]
    2. Back story: Hailing from the Arabian peninsula (parts unknown, for the protection of his identity), this superstar of the Middle East became a sensation over the course of a decade of illegal performances. Seeking refuge wherever he and his family could find it, the Arabian Knight came to America after Mickey extended an invitation and even offered to pay for his immigration expenses.
  • Keeper
    1. Keeper Slam [Attacker captures a running opponent with a snap falling powerslam]
    2. Back story: A brutal powerhouse, “Hell’s Keeper” started out his career as a henchman for another star in the independent circuit. Over time, however, he steadily outshined his “master” in the “Hell’s Disciples” with the overwhelming show of force he displayed in each match, eventually capturing their company’s title. Now, he just goes by “Keeper” and has been unleashed from his former chains.
  • Drakus
    1. Finisher: Darkness Falls [Attacker stands up holding the opponent’s feet up around the attacker’s shoulder while wrapping their other arm under and around the opponent’s armpit to hook the arm and grasp the shoulder so that the opponent’s back is to the attacker – for example, left hand/arm holds the elevated right leg while the right hand and arm hold the lowered right arm and shoulder – only to drive the victim face first to the mat]
    2. Back story: When Keeper was rising as a star within the “Hell’s Disciples”, he took on a tag team partner. Drakus, who was Keeper’s protégé, joined in Keeper’s rise. The two would dominate the tag team scene until an injury sidelined Drakus, forcing Keeper to become a single’s competitor, from which point he skyrocketed in popularity.
  • Sean Olson
    1. Olson Plunge – with the attacker’s back facing their opponent, they leap up to wrap a single arm under and around the victim’s neck and fall with full force to slam their face to the mat – / Crescent Kick
    2. Back story: A tortured soul throughout his life, Sean grew up in a divided home. His mother was twice divorced, he had been physically abused, and he had been bullied for a time in school. As time went on, he took on a gothic persona and rejected much of the world around him; save for his half-brother Brandon.
  • Brandon Lee
    1. Finisher: Spin to the End [Attacker performs a leap over neckbreaker, with a tight grip on the neck, with the opponent standing typically on the second ropes as the attacker starts from a balancing position on the top rope]
    2. Back story: Sean Olson’s mother married who would become Brandon Lee’s father when Sean was three years old. After Brandon was born, Sean was always by his side even as he was enduring all kinds of abuse growing up. Over time, Brandon tried to emulate his older half-brother in any way that he could. When their parents divorced, Sean and Brandon stayed with their mother and grew to be an indivisible unit everywhere they went.
  • Armageddon
    1. Finisher: Monster Splash [Body Splash from the second rope]
    2. Back story: Armageddon came from “parts unknown” and dominated in the independent circuit. Weighing at 450 pounds and towering over his competition at 6 foot 8 inches, this beast has managed to intimidate many of his opponents into forfeiting before they even enter the ring with him. He doesn’t talk, so there isn’t much more to tell. His actions speak for themselves.
  • The Enforcer
    1. Finisher: Spinning Capture Powerslam
    2. Back story: The Enforcer has been Mickey’s personal bodyguard since he was a teenager. Standing at 7 foot tall, with a heavy muscle build, this beast of a man will manhandle anyone who comes in Mickey’s path uninvited.
  • “STD” Stan Dark
    1. Finisher: Frog Splash
    2. Back story: Stan was the black sheep of his family and an outcast everywhere he went. Never fitting in, Stan changed his legal last name to “Dark”, to indicate that he was embracing his inner darkness and not looking back.
  • Slammer
    1. Finisher: Head Mashing Super Punch [Opponent lays down on the mat, as the attacker smashes their head with the bottom of their closed fist]
    2. Back story: Starting at the age of 7, he was raised to lift weights twice a day. Now, he is 6 foot, 5 inches and weighs 290 pounds without a sign of fat on him. His unimaginable strength is surpassed only by his speedy transition to anger from being calm.
  • Vigo
    1. Finisher: The Vittoria [Military press into a falling head stomp]
    2. Back story: Hailing from Italy, Vigo is an international powerhouse sensation who dominated the professional wrestling circuit in Europe and Asia before getting hired by Mickey.
  • Mirror Man
    1. Finisher: Busted Reflection [Short-arm Boot to the Face]
    2. Back story: Arriving initially on the scene in the independent circuit to combat the Masked Phenom, Mirror Man claims to reflect the evil within his victims. His eyes – cloaked in a shiny silver coating – are said to be devoid of retinas or pupils because they are the mirrors to the souls of those whom look into them as opposed to a window into his own soul.
  • Face
    1. Finisher: Defacer [Attacker grabs opponent by the waste, belly to back, lifts them up and drops them face first on the top of a corner post]
    2. Back story: As a child, this man was the victim of a terrible facial disfigurement due to a fire. Growing up, he had to wear masks to cover up the horrifying image. In his teen years, he developed serious jealousy issues towards any man with an appealing face and resolved to make sure that everyone felt his pain by attempting to mangle as many “mugs” as possible.
  • Agramon
    1. Finisher: Elevated Reverse Piledriver
    2. Back story: On a cold night one Autumn, Agramon appeared before a stunned crowd in Memphis, Tennessee. The wrestling promotion was the forerunner of the PCW – in that, it was the company directly bought by Mickey to make this all possible -, and no one knew what was coming. The lights had dimmed for a couple seconds only to reveal this monster. From that point until the company was taken over by Mickey, Agramon dominated the scene and struck fear into the hearts of his enemies.
  • B-Rad
    1. Finisher: B-Radical [Running Bulldog into a Facebreaker]
    2. Back story: Brad was always an ambiguous guy. He had his girlfriends growing up, but he often dealt with accusations that he was less than interested in women. He loved to dress fancy and go to the mall…a lot. In his mind, there was nothing wrong with a man loving to stay clean and to have a fashion trend. Insisting all along that he was far from being “gay”, he paraded his army of female companions down the halls of his high school and proclaimed that he was the most masculine of anyone in the area, but just a lot less dirty.
  • Page
    1. Finisher: Piggy Back Ride [Opponent forced to bend over as attacker leaps off the ropes to land butt first on their back]
    2. Back story: Terrence was always a curious person; at least that’s how he describes himself. He would get into various things when he was younger which got him into trouble or even almost killed him. His explanation was that he was “curious”. Over time, this self-ascribed moniker was used against him as he developed an effeminate demeanor and his peers began saying that he was “just curious”. Never denying or accepting the charge, Terry proceeded in life with his display of ambiguity in all things. Eventually, in his “curious” pursuit of fame in professional wrestling, Terry met B-Rad and found his best friend.
  • Che
    1. Finisher: Che Kick [Attacker runs at the opponent and dives for a spinning heel kick, but intentionally misses the head with the first foot, using it to spin the body of the victim as the other foot connects with the face in a stomping motion]
    2. Back story: A master of martial arts and a former Buddhist monk in his earlier years, Che commands control of hand to hand combat of the aerial assault.
  • Vicious
    1. Finisher: Vicious Drop [Attacker grabs opponents waste with one arm as if to attempt a gutwrench suplex, lifts the nearest leg with the other arm and then drives opponent into the mat head first]
    2. Back story: He didn’t earn the nickname “Vicious” for nothing. The man once pummeled a man’s face for stepping on his foot and enjoys the pleasure of making the helpless cry.
  • Katu
    1. Finisher: Katu Kick [Karate kick with straightened leg with bottom of the foot hitting the victim’s face]
    2. Back story: Vicious has a brother, and his name is Katu. The two of them grew up deeply impoverished and later learned martial arts when a family friend offered to pay for their classes.
  • Iceman
    1. Finisher: Icicle Impaler [Military Press into a brainbuster bodyslam]
    2. Back story: A reformed serial murderer from Iceland – whom got out of prison after a mere 10 years behind bars -, the Iceman hardly ever speaks. He only acts on impulse. While he has been trying to correct his ways, it is a bit of a struggle as even the sound of people chewing can set him off.
  • Flyer
    1. Finisher: Springboard Crossbody
    2. Back story: He is a small man, but a tough one. Flyer takes on all challenges and uses his speed and incredible agility to conquer them. Standing at a mere 4’9”, he is among the smallest athletes in professional wrestling, but that never stopped him.
  • Woody Woodstrum
    1. Finisher: Woodchipper [Attacker jumps at opponent performing a jumping DDT]
    2. Back story: Woody is a fellow with an extremely active imagination. In fact, one of his favorite hobbies has always been the art of doing impressions, imagining himself as another person entirely. He’s also got quite the sense of humor, so mocking those whom oppose him is a staple of his. Standing at 7 foot, he is also rather lanky and tends to goof off in the ring, with one trademark of his being the act of clasping his hands over his ears, falling to the mat – seemingly unconscious – and then jumping up acting as if he is some randomly picked alter ego portrayed as an alternative wrestler.
  • Moody
    1. Moody Bomb [As attacker performs a powerbomb, they catch the victim in mid-air with a flipping leg drop between the legs]
    2. Back story: Moody was a history professor, but he also had served overseas during an unnamed conflict. As a result, he has claimed to have PTSD and is cursed with reacting violently any time he hears certain sounds or even phrases.
  • Jimmy Duxen
    1. Finisher: Duxen Roundup [Attacker runs at opponent, performing a cartwheel, catches opponent by the waste and executes a flipping gutwrench DDT]
    2. Back story: From Appalachia, Jimmy is the leader of the feared Duxen Family. His backwoods style and brute fighting approach make him a frightful opponent and beneficial ally.
  • Jonny Duxen
    1. Finisher: The Lasso [Spinning Suplex into a Neckbreaker]
    2. Back story: Jonny is Jimmy’s oldest son. They are only 13 years apart in age – born on the same day -, and Jonny is actually a hair taller than his father. Jonny’s mother was Jimmy’s babysitter and served 10 years in prison for the relationship, which preceded the marriage.
  • Granddaddy Joseph Jebediah Duxen
    1. Finisher: Champion Knockout [Sudden Uppercut]
    2. Back story: Joe Duxen was a stinky fellow when he was younger. All of that changed when he was suddenly mobbed by an angry group of thugs bearing soap bars and buckets of water. As he grew older, he became obsessed with hygiene to the point that he would pummel other men for stinking even slightly. One such pummeling earned him a spot in a boxing tournament which he won, and upon claiming his boxing championship, Duxen paraded around his hometown proclaiming that he is the champion “of boxing and bathing”.
  • Narcolepto
    1. Finisher: The Sleeper
    2. Back story: Suffering from narcolepsy, this guy manages to pull off amazing victories with an insane arsenal. However, he always attempts to finish the match before his body unexpectedly decides it’s time to sleep.
  • Billy Lee
    1. Finisher: Forward Spinning Heel Kick
    2. Back story: A former martial arts trainer, Billy Lee turned to wrestling after a decade in his previous profession.
  • Desmond Thomas
    1. Finisher: Cut Throat [Attacker latches on a sleeperhold and executes a modified release german suplex]
    2. Back story: A former football star in high school, Desmond took to a life of ruthless self-defense after he was jumped one evening walking home from a game. Swearing revenge, Desmond pursued his attackers and initiated a rematch. After the bloody encounter, he was sent to jail for half a year, and upon his release was informed that his scholarship was rescinded and his hopes at a professional football career came to an end. Now, he’s a bitter man and looks to take out his rage on all comers.
  • Dark Warrior
    1. Finisher: Apocalyptic Drop [Reverse Vertical Suplex position, but the attacker drops to their rear causing the victim’s neck and chest to collide with the attacker’s shoulder]
    2. Back story: Trained in a unique fighting style – which he refers to as “Dark Arts” -, the Dark Warrior is a towering figure at 7 feet but is incredible agile. Everywhere that he has competed he has made his mark and has left a trail of bodies and stolen gold.
  • Steven “Splinter” Murphy
    1. Finisher: Spinal Cord Spiral [Top Rope Spinning Neckbreak]
    2. Back story: Steven’s entire life has been wrestling. He started wrestling as a child in his brother’s backyard wrestling league, moved to amateur wrestling as he got older, and made the rounds throughout the independent circuit as a young adult. Also as a child, his parents put him through karate classes, where he earned a brown belt. Fearless, often risk-taking, and technical. The mat is his playground.

Female Superstars:

  • Amazon
    1. Finisher: Triple Powerbomb
    2. Back story: Standing at 6 foot 3 inches, the Amazon is one of the most impressive female specimens to ever enter the squared circle. Her debut match actually featured her decimating a male opponent and she regularly fought men and women throughout her tenure in the independent circuit.
  • Athena Starr
    1. Finisher: 420 Splash [450 Splash]
    2. Back story: Dating Jesse Hash since they were teenagers, Athena has been a superstar in women’s wrestling. Since she and Jesse trained together and were even part of a championship mixed tag team. As a result, her move set is identical to his.
  • Whitney
    1. Finisher: No Whit-nesses [Flying Double-handed Facebuster]
    2. Back story: Cursed with an androgynous figure, Whitney has never had much luck in the dating scene. It has always been assumed by straight men that she was either a man or into women and homosexual women have tended to regard her as awkward. So, with society rejecting her, the frustrations have mounted thus producing a ruthless fighter.
  • Molly
    1. Finisher: Catapult Dropkick
    2. Back story: Molly is a high-flying master of martial arts. Out of everything in her arsenal her feet are the most lethal. Largely a shy girl she typically explodes onto the scene once the bell rings.
  • Sally
    1. Finisher: Sleeper German Suplex
    2. Back story: Half-sister to Molly, her background has been slightly different. The two actually didn’t even grow up together. Interestingly, Sally’s background is in mastery of suplexes and submissions.
  • Mrs. Bearer
    1. Finisher: The Reaper’s Clothesline [Attacker flies at opponent, hitting a spinning clothesline]
    2. Back story: A woman cloaked entirely in black, this dark soul comes in a shroud of mystery. Not a lot is known about her past, except that she has an exceptional love for darkness.
  • Mikayla
    1. Finisher: Mi-kay Massacre [Attacker performs a cartwheel attack wherein their hands sweep the opponent’s feet and flip them upside down, allowing the attacker’s knee to crush the victim’s face on the mat]
    2. Back story: From a village in South East Asia, Mikayla brings a fearless style of high-flying martial arts to each bout. Her limberness is a key asset as he goes toe to toe against brute aggressors of either sex. It is almost impossible to lock any submission on her. Defeating this star will be a serious challenge for anyone.
  • Miss Superstar
    1. Finisher: Super Chop [Attacker leaps from the top rope with a chop]
    2. Back story: Another female high-flyer and a lover of comic books, Miss Superstar has a superhero’s spirit. Her main objective is to pursue justice in the squared circle and to promote do-gooders.
  • Roxanne
    1. Finisher: Box of Rox [A combination of punches which ends with a swift succession of double lefts, double rights, and a stiff uppercut]
    2. Back story: She was always the “hot” girl in school and continued turning heads throughout college. Now, as a professional athlete and vixen, her deadly-good looks distract men and infuriate her opponents. It’s not easy being beautiful…unless you know how to use it.
  • Jill Woodstrum
    1. Finisher: Log Roller [Attacker lifts opponent up – clasping their hands together around the opponent’s neck, with the victim’s arm in between – and spinning to slam the victim back first on the mat]
    2. Back story: The wife of Woody, Jill is a master of inflicting pain. She’s also quite tall, at 6’8”, she towers over most of her competition and uses it to her advantage at all times.
  • She-Ra
    1. Finisher: Turnbuckle Smash [Opponent rests in the corner, facing inward towards the ring’s center as the attacker cartwheels across the ring and lands in a sitting position on the victim’s chest]
    2. Back story: Muscle bound bodybuilding beauty, She-Ra comes from Philadelphia and has won both beauty pageants and weight-lifting contests.
  • Jane Moss
    1. Finisher: Moss Trap [Full Nelson with a body scissors]
    2. Back story: Married to Mickey since they were young, Jane is fierce advocate for equality in the business both on stage and behind the scenes. Instead of taking a mere administrative role as demanded by her husband, Jane insists on participating in the action.
  • Lady Love
    1. Finisher: The Love Bite [Headbutt attack either at a running opponent or executed while attacker is flying]
    2. Back story: Mysterious, strong, busty…hairy. Those are the numerous ways in which Lady Love has been described by friend and foe alike. A fierce opponent and an addictive lover, she has mastered the art of manipulation all who surround her and ultimately gets her way one way or another.


  • Don Sparking (Sunfire)
  1. Back story: Don is Sunfire’s overly-excited and often-times annoying and disruptive manager. He attained a business degree at the top of his class and did so after graduating early from high school. Still, his unfamiliarity with the standards of in-ring action and decorum in the back stage make him a perpetual headache for his client.
  • Thomas (Free Agent)
  1. Back story: He’s short (in every possible meaning of the word), and doesn’t like to talk about his past. “So what? Want to square up, bro?!”
  • E-Dawg (Free Agent)
  • 1. Back story: Ebenezer Duckworth was a typical suit in the board room of Mmoss Enterprises. He was dull, lacked a sense of humor, and didn’t have any “street smarts” whatsoever. That was until he was dispatched on a trip to the inner city of Chicago one week by Mickey himself. The goal was to recruit talent for Mickey’s new company. After a night of fun watching the area’s independent wrestling promotion, Ebenezer went out for a drink. The funny thing was that he blacked out, and ended up in the hospital unconscious from his mysterious activities that evening. Two weeks later he finally came to. The biggest difference was that he had transformed into the gangsta-in-training “E-Dawg”.
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