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Beginning with a Xanga account – called “democratforchrist2020” – which Daniel created in late-2005 and then a LiveJournal account – called “dhc2020” – created in 2013 (but has since been discontinued as of 2017), Daniel has long used blogging to vent about current events and to speculate about coming events. There have been moments of controversy with his blogging – such as his most visited blog entry under the Xanga account when he, in 2008, replied to a chain letter inspired by a separate blog entry by one J.D. Pendry -, because Daniel likes to occasionally poke the bear when he feels it is of the utmost importance.


Licking County Progressives


Through Daniel’s activism in Licking County, Ohio he and about 20 other people came together on October 15th, 2011 – inspired by the “Occupy” movement and after creating an event through – to create the “99% of Newark and East Central Ohio”. The intent was to establish a nonpartisan pro-democracy organization to advocate for a Constitutional Amendment to overturn the 2010 Citizens United ruling. After years of advocacy and canvassing, about a dozen of these members (a number of whom faced serious disabilities) made history in 2016 in Newark, Ohio by successfully getting the first citizen’s initiative on the city’s ballot to promote an annual “Democracy Day” and to demand the aforementioned Amendment. In the end, the measure failed after a relatively close vote and after the presidential election results of that year the group decided to think about the path forward.

Earlier in 2016, Daniel had established a Facebook group called the “Licking County Progressives” to promote progressive politics in the area. By January 2017 there were a number of people calling on Daniel to make the effort a little more concrete than a mere social media matter. So, he started hosting some meetings early that year. As 2017 unfolded, the time constraints of bouncing between work, multiple organizational meetings (including being the Chair of the Freedom School of Licking County at the time), and running a campaign for school board led Daniel to seriously ponder dialing his activism back quite a bit.

Seeing this immense pressure and fearing a distraction from Daniel’s original organizational project – the “Occupy” group -, a fellow member suggested merging the “99%” with the Licking County Progressives (LCP). Daniel wanted to maintain the spirit of both, since one is meant to be overtly active in politics whereas the other attempts to bridge the partisan divide. So, the decision ultimately came to be that the LCP would absorb the “99%” as a “trans-partisan” branch (or sub-group) thereof. The link to the site (with a blog) is here.


Working Families First


A close friend of Daniel’s founded the “Working Families First Initiative” in 2017. The idea behind this organized effort is to bring working people together, give them an arena to discuss local issues, and to provide a database working class allies to use without being dependent on the political parties. As part of this effort – for which you can register here – Daniel contributes (alongside his friend) to the weblog.




In early 2018, Daniel responded to a plea for writers to help contribute to a progressive website called “The Bern Report” (which was founded during the 2016 primaries). The host of the website advised that Daniel create an account through “Patreon” so as to enable fans to pay him for his work. Since then, Daniel opened the account and regularly contributes to it in an apolitical way with analysis on entertainment, short stories, and more. Find Daniel’s account here.

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