Once a small Dutch village hidden within a forest in Upper Appalachia, it has since become a growing small city. However, there is an emerging threat from its past: the curse of shadows.

This is currently a story available in the form of a short story – available via Daniel’s Patreon account -, but there is the possibility that it will be expanded upon in an actual full-length book.


Premier Championship Wrestling


This is a novelized approach to professional wrestling. From the imagination of Daniel – along with characters created by he and some close loved ones – you will be introduced to a fantasy world of wrestling starting with a short story – available here – and then continuing in a subscription blog format, all via Daniel’s Patreon account. Links to each episode in the series will be made available here on the Activity Stream.


The Grocery Store


Presently little more than a concept in Daniel’s mind, this project – in the process of being composed as a short story unless it evolves further – will be inspired by his experience in the service industry and is intended to be a comedy.


“A Dim Lit Hall”


Based on a true story – as inspired by the events surrounding the life and passing of Daniel’s late-mother – this novel will come out within the next three to five years.




This will be expose of sorts on the history of religion and will wrap-up with Daniel’s views on why Agnosticism is best for humanity’s future.




In this book, Daniel plans to delve further into the healthcare issue than he did with The Pillars of Unitism by covering the debate’s history all across the globe and advocating for a universal healthcare system free of the pursuit of profit.


Education: The Foundation of a United Society


In The Pillars of Unitism, the importance of education was highlighted briefly throughout the book. However, the issue itself was left out of the manifesto because Daniel doesn’t see education as a “Pillar” of society, but rather as the “Foundation” upon which even the “Pillars” are built. In this book, Daniel will explore why a strong educational system with an emphasis on teaching students to respect diverse opinions, adequately assess and interpret what they learn, maintain an open mind, and to perceive themselves as being a potential teacher in a democratic student-teacher relationship are all crucial for our collective destiny.


Cogs in the Machine


In this critique of the modern order of our socio-economic condition, Daniel will delve into how each member of the working class is dehumanized and regarded as little more than an isolated piece operating within a monstrous economic machine.




One of Daniel’s primary issues, this book will assess the condition of society’s forgotten and present a series of arguments of how best to rectify such.




This book will attempt to argue that while the theory of capitalism was concocted with the best of intentions in an era of empires driven by precious metals, it has largely failed to achieve its objective of lifting the whole of humanity up out of poverty.


Nonpartisan Future


Tracing the roots of American democracy to the Founding Fathers, Daniel will extensively argue for American and global representative democracy to abandon partisan labels in favor of issue-driven, independent candidates aspiring to represent their constituents devoid the restrictions imposed upon them by party bosses.


“Children Together” Fiction Short Stories


In the very near future, Daniel will be writing and illustrating a series of books promoting unity for the next generation.


History and Future of the Democratic Party


Learning why we have a two party system in the United States is crucial to understanding the current challenges placed before us. The Democratic Party is at the heart of this seemingly perpetual struggle from its forerunner – the Democratic Republicans -, and this future book will seek to uncover how the party came to be and what its future ought to look like.


Progressivism versus Fascism


Sometime very soon Daniel plans on writing this book which will explain why only progressivism – true populism – can overcome fascism, which he regards as false populism.

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