The Politician Trilogy


In 2015, Daniel published the first book of this trilogy – based in the 2040s – with the initial title “The Politician: Crisis” covering the introduction of the story as a newly elected Congressman from Ohio – named Jack Murphy – enters the national political scene with his heart set on bringing a championed record of ethics reform from the Ohio General Assembly along for the ride. What he finds, instead, is a Capitol in steady decline and mired in deep corruption; which has persisted for decades. The challenge for Jack is that he is attempting to convince a skeptical populace that change can come and that the government can be brought to kneel before the people again.

Published so far in the Trilogy (Third and Final book is in first stages of composure):

  1. “The Politician: Crisis” (2015)
  2.  “The Politician: Backlash” (2018)


Premier Championship Wrestling


In 2019, Daniel is launching a new novelized approach to sports entertainment. Daniel has been a fan of professional wrestling since childhood and had once planned – alongside his best friend – to become a professional wrestler (a dream which was curbed by Daniel’s asthma and an unfortunate series of events in life). Growing up, as part of that love of wrestling, Daniel, his best friend, his brother, and a number of others created an imaginary “Toy Wrestling” universe wherein they played with action figures and competed against each other for “ratings”. It was a lot like fantasy football, but a lot more fun and creative. Over the years, Daniel had also once encountered an internet phenomenon called “E-Feds” wherein fans of wrestling created their own original superstars and had storylines and shows presented via a blog format. This “E-Fed” experience combined with the experience from “Toy Wrestling” is largely what inspired this particular project. More information at the link to the full-length page can be found by clicking on the title of this section.

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