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The Omnicast

Created by Daniel to encompass all the subject matter previously featured in the now-defunct podcasts otherwise found here. From entertainment to current events, this podcast will cover everything that Daniel and his co-hosts/guests can think of discussing!

Episodes: (Also found on Spreaker)

The All-Encompassing Introduction“, “The Antiseptic Wrap-Up“, “The BROmni Episode“, “The Impeachment Chamber Before We Go, “Russia Bombs, Bodyslams, and Blazy Bars” , “RAW Trip Into Wonderland” , “Stone Cold Mushroom Clouds” , “Not Ready for MacaroniMania“, “Fight or Flight from the Beast that’s Out For Blood“, “Can You Trust The Road to Mania“, “The Devil Eats Wrestling For Lunch“, “Wrestling With Healthcare“, “Part Time Nightmare“, “Wrestling and Retirement With Daaahnold“, “In Memoriam“, “Singing for Healing

Omni Excess

This is an addendum podcast for “The Omnicast” for when Daniel wants to say more or has “excess” raw audio to share.


The Nuclear Encounter of the Beast and the Almighty“, “Acknowledge The Mid-Term Dilemma” , “Antiscience Botches” , “Unification is Reform” , “PodcastMania Week” , “Road to Mania Paved” , “Mania Weekend Reaction“, “Back At It-Mania“, “The Road to Backlash Becomes Clear“, “Drew Finally Goes for Gold Again“, “Backlash 2022 Overdelivers“, “RKBro’s Challenge Accepted

Appropriate Indecency with the Crawfords

Created by Daniel and his younger brother, Michael, this podcast exists to make you laugh at the things that you should probably avoid laughing about. Contains a slew of segments led by either Daniel or Michael (or both) as well as a skit show within called “A Day at the Tiny Rodent” which is about the misadventures of a guy named Fernando working at a small Deli Restaurant managed by the maniacally senile Jebediah “Granddaddy” Duxen.

Family Time with the Crawfords

Daniel and his kid co-stars (who work full-time as Dad-bullies) Austin and Madison create comedy during downtime from regular recording with Michael and usually when driving around. This segment of “Appropriate Indecency” (debuting as of Episode 11) will occasionally appear as a key feature of the show with the occasional interviews (of characters and the kids) and other comedy bits (both accidental and planned) with Daniel and his children.

Episodes: (You can also follow the podcast on Spreaker)


Issues and Answers

Co-Hosted by Daniel and his friend Garry, this podcast presents a serious take on the issues affecting the working class in Licking County, Ohio and beyond. Envisioned by Garry (who runs/Dee-Jays for another awesome podcast, called “The Blues Highway” as well as the “Rock N’ Talk Podcast“), the goal of this podcast is to not only complain about the issues, but to present a slate of answers on how we ought to address them.


Vol. 1Vol. 2Vol. 3Vol. 4Vol. 5Vol. 6Vol. 7Vol. 8Vol. 9Vol. 10Vol. 11Vol. 12Vol. 13Vol. 14Vol. 15Vol. 16Vol. 17Vol. 18Vol. 19Vol. 20

When you have a chance, check out these awesome podcasts, linked here and here!

Fans Count Anywhere

Join DC3 (Daniel’s heel alter-ego) and The Author JS as they analyze and critique the current events of professional wrestling, of which these two best friends have been life-long fans. This will be no regular podcast, however, as there will be special segments of the show – including the “Ironman Review” – which pit DC3 and the Author against one another to battle for analyst supremacy.

*Note (1/15/2020): Unfortunately, these episodes were all lost due to our limited storage with Spreaker. We didn’t get a chance to back them up before they were erased.


Wrestling is Relevant” – “Summer Talk” – “Summerslammed” – “It’s Good to be King” – “All Elite Episode” – “MSG 3:16” – “The Awesome Era Show” – “The Biggest Week in Wrestling” – “Bayley Buddy Breakdown” – “Give the Devil His Due” – “Be Careful What You Wish For” – “Fight or Flight” – “Adam Cole Can Fly” – “How I Became A Fan”

Wrestling Todayand “Murrey Mania

Jeff and Daniel returned to wrestling podcasting without their DC3 and JS gimmicks. “Wrestling Today” was a podcast which just gave you their direct take on the current events of all professional wrestling/sports entertainment! “Xtra Xtra” was an extension of “Wrestling Today” hosted by Daniel alone and will continue on despite the end of “Wrestling Today”. “Xtra Xtra” is a podcast (alongside a YouTube sister show called “Bell to Bell“) wherein he will go into more in-depth analysis and special commentary (including the occasional heel take from DC3) than he is able to do (due to time constraints) when co-hosting with Jeff.


Coronavirus Mania” – “Wrestlemania” – “Sunny Days of Wrestling” – “Vince McMahon is a Pimp” – “Last Week Tonight with Daniel” – “Snap Review 05/06/2020” – “Money in the Bank Preview” – “We Love Owen Hart” – “Charlotte in High Demand” – “Always Ready Matt Cardona” – “Cage Fight” – “10 Things to Watch” – “NXT is the Real WWE” – “NXT Takeover In Your House” – “The Last Ride” – “Keith Lee History Maker

Xtra Xtra” Episodes:

Becky’s Having a Baby” – “Just For The Laughs” – “Nia Hates Flutes” – “When Dexter Stares and Legends Spar” – “One More Good Run” – “Double the Fun” – “Rey Was A Sacrifice” – “Full Steam Ahead” – “Car Wrecks and Hacksaws” – “Where Karrion and Dream Will Take Over” – “Dexter Scares Roddy” – “The Greatest Backlash Ever” – “Freshly Squeezed Bank Statements” – “He’ll PLUCK your eye OUT!!” – “Get Out of Bray’s Swamp!” – “Summerslam in the ThunderDome” – “People Love To Get Payback” – “The One Where Moxley Can’t Go All Out” – “A Clash to Remember” – “Roman Takes Over” – “The Chief Reigns Supreme” – “Discovering the Alpha of Omega and Page” – “Surviving the Age of Taker” – “Reviewing Shows in Snaps” – “NXT is ready for war” – “Don’t Kross Karrion’s Path” – “The Tribal Chief, The Stinger, The Way, and The Fiend” – “TLC, Explosions, Titles, and a Passing” – “This One’s For Brodie” – “The Bell to Bell Simulcast” – “KO Is Back At The Table” – “Lucha K O” – “Ready for the Rooooyal Ruuumbllllle” – “Bianca Blasts Off and Edge is on the Prowl” – “Vengeance is the Word” – “Process of Elimination” – “From the Chamber to the Revolution” – “The Revolution Should Not Have Been Televised” – “Reginald Goes Shopping” – “Coming Up Fast” – “Some Fastlane Predictions” – “The Return of the Podcast” – “Backlash Week, The Wrestlemania Spinoff Wraps” – “The Last Xtra

“Bell to Bell” Episodes:

All Saints Day Debut” – “November 10th, 2020” – “November 17th, 2020” – “November 23rd, 2020” – “A War Raged” – “Karrion Returns!!!” – “Wrestling is on FIRE” – “Christmas in the Air and the Ring” – “Farewell Huber” – “The Simulcast” – “Laptop Wrestling Review” – “Orton Wears A Mask” – “WHAT A RUMBLE” – “Edge is Playing Games” – “WHY? COLE? WHY?!” – “A Must See Wrestlemania Looms” – “To The Moon” – “Out With A Fizzle” – “The Long Road to a Real Wrestlemania” – “The Stretch to Wrestlemania Chronicled” – “Wrestlemania 37 Night One Predictions” – “Wrestlemania 37 Night One Review and Night Two Predictions” – “A Page is Turned” – “Catch Up Marathon” – “Cuatro Eventos de Lucha Libre” – “Receiving the Backlash Predictions” – “A Double Treat or Nothing to Enjoy

With “Murrey Mania”, Jeff and his brother Steven created a podcast to discuss wrestling, since they both grew up watching it. Steven has experience with helping manage a major wrestling website (411Mania) as well as a major subreddit dealing with wrestling, and he has plenty of experience in interviewing major legends of professional wrestling including Jake Roberts, Ric Flair, and many others. Jeff brought Daniel into the picture for this podcast to consolidate his wrestling podcast work after shutting “Wrestling Today” down.

“Murrey Mania” Episodes:

Pilot Episode” – “Alwayz Ready AEW Live React” – “Super Tuesday” – “Paul Heyman Guy” – “Raw: In Your Ear!!

Daniel’s Heel Persona: DC3

A Look in the Mirror with DC3

When DC3 is enjoying his time alone (devoid of his babyface counterpart, JS), in his room (with his mirror), he likes to reflect on his genius while staring at his reflection and warning you about the dangers of gazing into your own soul. In fact, the point of this show is to critique the worst critics of all…fans (and not the motorized ones that cool you down, either). In other words, the goal set by DC3 is to force the audience to have “A Look in the Mirror”. (DC3 now primarily appears on an occasional basis via “Wrestling Today: Xtra Xtra”).


Vol. 1Vol. 2Vol. 3

“Building Unity” and “The Inequality Chronicles”

These podcasts will be serious as they delve into all serious matters; from politics and religion, to family and philosophy itself. The “Inequality Chronicles” has existed in the past predominantly as a review of current events through the lens of the working class struggle, and that will be reprised with some slight revisions to the format. With “Building Unity”, Daniel will be covering any and every aspect of life to assess how we can better work as one for the progress we all need. This will also serve as a podcast to promote books such as Daniel’s first major attempt at a manifesto: “The Pillars of Unitism” and will likely feature occasional references to that book and related work so as to explain his overall thought process.

UPDATE (5/28/2020): As of “Volume 8” of the “Inequality Chronicles”, Daniel will be merging “Building Unity” with “Inequality Chronicles”. Moving forward, “Building Unity” will appear as a segment of “Inequality Chronicles” alongside other key segments.

“Building Unity” Episodes:

Unity in Mourning” – “Unitism Vol. 1” – “Unitism Vol. 2” – “Unitism Vol. 3” – “Unitism Vol. 4” – “Unitism Vol. 5” – “Unitism Vol. 6” – “On the Coronavirus” – “Unitism Vol. 7” – “Unitism Vol. 8

“Inequality Chronicles” Episodes: (Also to be found on Spreaker)

YouTube Episodes: 5/28/20146/4/20146/10/20146/18/20146/25/20147/13/20147/29/20148/16/20149/1/201411/27/201412/31/20146/16/20166/24/20167/19/20167/20/20167/22/20165/29/20176/26/2017

Patreon/Spreaker Episodes: Vol. 1Vol. 2Vol. 3Vol. 4Vol. 5Vol. 6Vol. 7Vol. 8Vol. 9Vol. 10Vol. 11Vol. 12Vol. 13Vol. 14

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