Who is DC3?

DC3 1

DC3 is the heel alter-ego of Daniel (created as part of the now-defunct gimmick-driven “Fans Count Anywhere” wrestling podcast alongside Daniel’s best friend Jeff, who portrayed the “face” JS). While Daniel is compassionate and tries to make people smile, DC3 could care less about your feelings and desires only the smile he puts on his own face. Where Daniel considers the opinions of others, DC3 doesn’t hold back in conveying why he thinks you are stupid for disagreeing with him. As Daniel assesses the world of politics and sits back enjoying the world of entertainment, DC3 is perfectly content ignoring what’s going on in the political world and can’t help but to point out why all the critics are wrong.

Listen for DC3 on the “A Look in the Mirror” Podcast, and feel free to follow him on twitter.

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